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Holiday Plumbing Tips

Expert Advice from Our Skilled Campbell Plumbers

Holidays are the time for parties and family, not plumbing emergencies. To avoid potential issues follow the simple tips outlined below. If, however, you do run into a problem, our experienced plumbers in Campbell, Sacramento, and San Jose are the right team for the job.

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Tip #1

Do not use your garbage disposal while cooking your favorite holiday dishes. Make sure to throw all food waste, big and small, in the garbage. Even the smallest food particles, such as rice or other tiny grains, can clog your kitchen sink drain. Always keep any kind of peels such as potato from going down the drain or into your garbage disposal.

By following this advice, your drain will remain unclogged while trying to finish your holiday cooking or cleaning up after your Thanksgiving dinner. Most importantly, you will not have the inconvenience of a plumber in your home during the holidays when your family and guests are present.

This advice can also save you money as the rate for plumbing services is often higher for after hours, holiday, and weekend service.

Tip #2

Be proactive with commonly known plumbing issues in your home. This includes things our Campbell plumbers often hear, such as:

  • “My main sewer line backs up once every year and we have to call the plumber.”
  • “I have been thinking about replacing that 20-year-old water heater.”
  • “The garbage disposal is really loud.”

If you believe in Murphy’s Law, where everything that can go wrong will, you know a problem will spring up over the holidays when it is the most inconvenient and the most expensive.

Please give us a call and set up an appointment that is convenient for you to have these issues dealt with before they become emergencies that can ruin your holidays and hurt your wallet. We can be reached at (408) 669-4222.

Happy holidays from our CMS Plumbing family to yours!