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San Jose Underground Gas Line Services

Hire a Licensed San Jose Plumber Trained to Handle Gas

Do you have existing underground gas lines on your property that need to be fixed or moved? Or do you currently use electric appliances and want to have gas lines installed? At CMS Plumbing, we understand that many homeowners are tempted to do projects themselves to save money. When it comes to gas, which is a flammable, hazardous substance, you cannot afford to make any mistakes. All underground gas line services in San Jose should be handled by a licensed and trained professional.

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Underground Gas Line Installation & Repair

Whether you are adding a new gas appliance or starting fresh with new gas lines, our San Jose gas plumbers can handle all of your gas line needs. We have been working with gas lines for more than a decade and are experienced in dealing with all types of delicate materials and substances. When you choose our team for your underground gas line project, you can rest assured that there is no risk of a leak.

Our gas line work includes the following:

  • Capping gas pipes
  • Gas piping upgrades
  • Gas line installation
  • Gas line appliance hookups
  • Gas piping valve replacement

Why Hire a Gas Line Service Plumber?

Gas repairs should always be handled by a professional plumbing technician who has been trained to not only identify but repair gas lines. If we find that there is a leak on your property, we work to determine the source of the issue to prevent it from occurring again. In some cases, if we deem it necessary, we may replace some of the piping to prevent future leaks.

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